About TechSydney

We’re growing Sydney’s tech ecosystem

TechSydney is an entrepreneur-led industry group that connects and promotes Sydney's tech industry.

We’re committed to making Sydney one of the most desirable places in the world to have a high-growth tech company.

Great ecosystems support everyone in them and provide the right conditions to succeed. To achieve this we’re working with the industry, federal, state and local government, media, business and Australians everywhere.

We understand the power of technology to create change and we’re working to ensure everyone sees the benefits of our industry.

Our community is diverse and bursting with ideas, drive and talent. We want to see it take its place at the top. Why not join us?

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Why we started

In 2013, Google commissioned PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) to produce a report on the Australian start-up ecosystem. The resulting report found that with the right conditions, tech could be the driving force of the Australian economy and a major job creator by 2033.

In 2015 it looked from the outside like Sydney’s tech community was thriving: there was more funding, more start-ups, and more government support than ever before. However, in reality Sydney was slipping down the global ecosystem rankings compared to other cities around the world.

The tech community identified a need for an industry group to help reverse this slide and support Sydney to become a Top 10 ecosystem – and TechSydney was born.