Founder Institute Sydney
Sydney, Australia
The world's premier pre-seed (idea-stage) startup accelerator


We help you build a business by (1) establishing a critical support network of local startup experts that are invested in your success, and (2) providing a structured and challenging business-building process. The Founder Institute is the world's premier pre-seed startup accelerator. Since 2009, we have helped over 3,300 companies raise over $700M and build some of the world's fastest growing companies. Based in Silicon Valley and with chapters across 60 countries and in 200 cities!!!, the Founder Institute's mission is to “Globalize Silicon Valley” and empower talented and motivated people to build impactful companies that create one million jobs. Running in Sydney, Australia since 2011.


Founder Institute Sydney February 2020 intake
Sydney, Australia fi.co/apply/sydney

Idea stage / pre-seed stage: For founders with a day job. One night class a week + lots of validation work

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February 3, 2020