Sydney, Australia
A global startup generator and early-stage venture capital company


Antler is a global startup generator and early-stage venture capital company with a mission to enable exceptional individuals to become founders of great tech companies. Antler's six-month program removes the barriers which normally prevents highly-skilled people from becoming entrepreneurs. These barriers include: - The inability to find the right co-founder - Lack of conviction around an idea - Concern over access to capital - The confrontation of leaving a salaried job Antler solves these problems by putting individuals through rigorous testing to ensure they are paired with co-founders with complementary skills and mindset, connects founders to Antler's global network of experts and advisors, provides access to $100,000 in pre-seed investment and hosts a Demo day which attracts around 500 investors, and provides founders with a grant of $4,000 for the first stage of the program. In Australia, over the next four to five years, Antler aims to build, invest in, and scale more than 200 tech companies. Antler currently operates in 8 cities across 5 five international markets. This global network consists of more than 150 advisors, such as Andreas Ehn, Spotify’s first CTO, Lawrence Summers, former US Secretary of the Treasury, and Dominic Barton, Global Managing Partner Emeritus of McKinsey & Company. Antler is able to leverage this propriety network to accelerate the success of its portfolio companies globally.


Sydney, Australia www.antler.co/sydney

Antler’s six-month program provides founders with funding from day one, access to a global network of advisors, and a clear path to raising capital. You’ll find the right co-founder, have your ideas validated, and grow your startup to a point that normally take years to achieve.