Launch Pad is now an Approved HubSpot for Startups Partner!

We have some exciting news to share - Launch Pad is now an Approved HubSpot for Startups Partner!

This means, if you're eligible, that you can now apply to receive the Startup Friendly Pricing to HubSpot's growth stack software package (All-in-one CRM, Sales, Marketing, and Services plans). This is an average savings of $23,500 in the first year!

Here are the links for your convenience: Apply For Your Scholarship Today - ++Apply to get started using HubSpot at the scholarship rate++. Education - ++Learn Sales, Marketing, and Services best practices from HubSpot's Academy for free.++ HubSpot Demonstration - ++Join a Startup Group Demonstration to learn how 6,000+ startups use HubSpot's software to grow their companies.++ Introduction to HubSpot Deck ++Click here to see what HubSpot is all about.++

++Here are the eligibility requirements to be accepted to HubSpot for Startups:++Less than USD $2 million in total funding

Current participant or alumni of a HubSpot for Startups Partner (that's us!)

Not an existing Basic, Professional, or Enterprise HubSpot customer.If you have any questions about the scholarship, education, or anything related to HubSpot please email ++Startups@hubspot.com++