Sale to South African School!! (who is part of a global international schools network)

We are starting to work out our trip to Swaziland in January to work with the schools we have on board there, and we just made a sale to a neighbouring South African school! I had been in discussions with them for a while, and the call I just had was really exciting and positive. The aim is to use their school as a pilot in Jan to show the rest of the schools in their network the value, with a view to rolling it out across all of them! They're called UWC and they have schools in Singapore, Japan, Canada, the US, Brazil, China, and across Europe. The Head of school that I spoke to is also on the Mental Health Task Force for the whole UWC network, and he is going to champion this. They are also keen to do a big research study across all of their schools in conjunction with this, and include the teacher wellbeing training as well as the student curriculum. Basically similar to the plan for UAE :) Early 2020 is going to be massive!!! :)

This brings up the next people we need on board - researchers! I'm contemplating if we can get some PhD students on board!?