Areti Goddess Events Pty Ltd Launch

On May 4, 2018 I launched my first Company, age 52, to Empower and help Change Statistics. It has been as challenging as it has rewarding. Launched with Private seed funding, in Bootstrapping stage. It is an umbrella for Collaboration, offers an Affiliate Program and Invites Experts.

On the Channel 10 News


"The system works by teaching a machine to analyse historical traffic data and then learn how to identify when a car is causing a problem."

First Few Customers!

We are officially up and running! A few exciting property assessments have come through over the last month, but there's definitely room for more. Heads down, thumbs up!


We're getting Automated!

Working with talented software designers to automate parts of our service has been the most incredible experience. Be a part of a new kind of architecture!

Sale to South African School!! (who is part of a global international schools network)

We are starting to work out our trip to Swaziland in January to work with the schools we have on board there, and we just made a sale to a neighbouring South African school! I had been in discussions with them for a while, and the call I just had was really exciting and positive. The aim is to use their school as a pilot in Jan to show the rest of the schools in their network the value, with a view to rolling it out across all of them! They're called UWC and they have schools in Singapore, Japan, Canada, the US, Brazil, China, and across Europe. The Head of school that I spoke to is also on the Mental Health Task Force for the whole UWC network, and he is going to champion this. They are also keen to do a big research study across all of their schools in conjunction with this, and include the teacher wellbeing training as well as the student curriculum. Basically similar to the plan for UAE :) Early 2020 is going to be massive!!! :)

This brings up the next people we need on board - researchers! I'm contemplating if we can get some PhD students on board!?

Partnership with UAE company with a government contract working with schools!!!

I just got off a call with a company from the UAE who has a contract from the government to help schools meet legislative requirements in many key areas, one of which is mental health. They are fully on board with our program approach (both the student curriculum and the teacher program!) and we are scheduling a pilot in early 2020 with the view to bringing both the teacher and student programs into all their schools!!! Another Linkedin connection!!!! :):)

Top stockbrokers Bell Potter, Ord Minnett, OpenMarkets and SelfWealth support Mafematica

These stockbrokers understand the value of the Mafematica offering and are talking to Mafematica about an IPO round of funding / and/ or providing themselves as a lead member of the panel of brokers that we intend to develop.


Vinovata is an Australian wine platform in Japanese, providing Australian wineries with a channel to better connect and communicate their stories to customers in Japan and driving the number of cellar door visits by Japanese living in or visiting Australia (PR, Tourists, etc). Stage 1 MVP has been very successful with 40+ wineries sign-ups.

BGL agreed to Partner Mafematica

BGL has 60% of the accounting serviices market in the Austrlian SMSF market and has international outlets in Asia and the UK. It is expanding its services to include accounting systems for non superannuation business.

BGL is a leading user of AI in accounting software, and provides, for a company like Mafematica and this will allow Mafematica to provide a true 'straight-though-processing' regime that the industry has talked about for so long but has not delivered.

Gecko has launched πŸš€

On 9 September we officially launched our startup to the world and we're so proud to announce that we enable people to cash in on clutter in houses around Sydney. This can be done through renting out items on our platform.

Passed the first round of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition for Overseas Talents 2019: Hangzhou

Competition Awards and Supportive Measures including β€’ Competition Awards: The first prize is around AUD $70K β€’ Venture Capital β€’ Connection to all special support units, local venture capital agencies, well-known enterprises β€’ Overseas Mentors: Experts who have great influence in venture capital field are invited to be overseas mentors.

MVP grants are open again!

Good news! We’re accepting applications for MVP grants again! Successful recipients can receive up to $25k of approved project costs. Find out more about the MVP grant at https://www.jobsfornsw.com.au/our-products/minimum-viable-product

Formal invited to Tender our Phone booths for one of the biggest co-working spaces in Australia

Thanks to a Genesis Mentor we've been put in contact with the owner of a large co-working space across Australia! He is currently looking for an exact solution like our phone booths, and he invited us to tender to for a fit out of all his offices across Australia.

New feature in development from user insights!

Thanks to our user/customer interviews we've been able to start work on a new feature that we're excited to test with our user base. It targets specific feedback on where we can improve the user experience and has been flagged in almost every user interview we've done.

University Customer!!!

I just had a fantastic call with the MBA Program Convenor at the University of Newcastle (he reached out to me via Linkedin). They are going to fly me up there early next year to deliver a guest lecture to their MBA students and run an initial pilot of Open Parachute through their Leadership Program (as well as deliver a talk to the Hunter Young Professionals Network). This will be a great opportunity to check out the University market to develop more programs for that age group. He thinks there is great potential for work with Uni's worldwide, so we're keen to test it out!

Secured first Canadian hire!

We found the perfect person to hire in Canada for sales and program management. She is a teacher wanting to do something bigger, and we have spent the last month vetting her - she passed with flying colours! She is essentially going to create herself a job - she's going to spend the next few months looking for leads, while we focus on honing in on our marketing strategy with our salesperson in LA, and then as soon as we are satisfied with these two variables we will start her full force.

Delivered a fully functional Alto (our product) to a backer that actually wants to something with it!

They're a studio and they've been interested from the beginning, but it was complicated to provide them with a fully functional device. The last issues have been solve and now the Alto is flying to Melbourne for them to start working on it!

Secured user interviews with significant influencers in a target community

We've been looking to get the opinions of those who influence opinion. We've got three influential people happy to participate in interviews, with a potential warm intro to a fourth. We're being strategic here and forging relationships with those who are followed.

User feedback suggests new ideas for product

After doing user interviews we've managed to figure out that there is willingness to pay for our software. Something we had not entertained seriously until now. Also we've managed to verify that a costly feature we thought these users would actually want is not something they value, so we can reduce our scope for development without reducing the perceived value.

Second Swaziland School on board!!

We are planning a trip to Swaziland/South Africa and the UK in January to build out the next version of our program (for older high school ages) with international teens represented and a focus on global issues and their impact on mental health. Once this is built in March, we will be trialling it in these partner schools in London and Africa - as paying customers (and the program will also be used as an up-sell to our existing customers - all of whom have already signed on to use it).

We have one London school and one Swaziland school confirmed for this, and we just heard back from a second school in Swaziland who wants to be a part of it! This gives us some interesting feedback because the response rate in Swaziland is currently two for two. Helpful in our testing of which markets are most responsive!

Meeting set with Catholic Diocese in Sydney!!

I have a meeting with a Sydney Catholic School this week who are interested in our program, and we just secured a meeting with the head of the whole Catholic Diocese directly after!!! This is massive, because getting approval at the Diocese level means access to the rest of the schools in their district, as well as connection into the wider National Catholic Schools network.

Leave Management system

This big customer wanted to get rid of there decade old system of paper based leaves, payroll and time tracking.

The new system is developed and customized in Microsoft SharePoint to utilize the customers existing investment in Microsoft technologies. Added benefits: Single sign on, data security, Document collaboration and highly customized reporting

Worker Safety Application

This organization wanted to keep there employees safe when they go on to meet the people with mental health issues or have an criminal background.

The application monitors the meeting details, provides duress functionality, captures live meeting coordinates and makes inbound calls and follows an escalation process if required.

This application is custom developed and can be deployed on Microsoft Azure and other cloud systems.

School District Signed on in Canada!!

I just ran a teacher training and then had a meeting with the heads of a large School District in Western Canada. And they just signed on to roll the program out! Starting in one school this term, with the view to putting it in all schools in their district in the Spring!

AND I already up-sold them the new program we are creating (for older ages - to be released in a few months) and they ultimately want one program for each grade (grades 8-12) across their entire district. This is SUPER exciting for many reasons, and also confirms our thinking that up-selling more programs to existing customers is a much better business model than constantly looking for new schools.

Also - I tested our new pricing model, and it looks like we are finally getting a good fit with school budgets. Yay!

I have a meeting set with the US Congresswoman who is championing school mental health the US!

I reached out to Congresswoman Napolitano (a US Congresswoman who has put a bill forward to mandate that all schools in the US have mental health curriculum) and I just heard back saying yes to a meeting!!

Getting in with her would be incredible, as she is literally working to make mental health programming available for the entire US!

Sportility wins NSW Startup of the Year and makes the national finalist list at the AIIA iAwards.

After winning the NSW Startup of the Year category, Sportility was announced as one of the national finalists and was commended for their revolutionary sports-tech platform which is democratising grassroots sponsorship globally. The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) is Australia's peak industry body for the technology sector and announced on Thursday 29 August the National iAwards winners for 2019.

We got into an Accelerator!!! $125K US :)

We applied for this about a month ago and were just notified we've been accepted!! Following on from our discussion with you Alex, we need to decide how to proceed...But it looks like an incredible opportunity!

It's based in LA, but all done remotely (works for us being in Sydney!) 8 weeks of online mentorship as part of a cohort - preparing all the "due diligence" of the company (eg business planning/modelling etc). It's run by a VC firm led by lawyers, and their whole aim is to help Startups prepare for the due diligence questions that they are usually ill-equipped to answer. Plus provide $125K US for 7% Equity. They are specifically working towards gender balance in investing, so have picked only teams who have a gender balance at the C-Suite level. I just spoke to the woman in charge, and I really like her - she has also worked within the schools sector!

Excellent outcomes from New York Keynote address!!

The keynote went really well, and in my meetings after we had the following outcomes:

  • Re-signed the school district to use our program this school year, up-selling them the high school version
  • Was asked by the Superintendent to present at a Conference for the US National Superintendent Association!! This would put us in front of every superintendent in the country!!!
  • Was asked about using our online teacher training (a secondary product of ours) as a core part of their teacher development in the district

This is proving our hypothesis that nurturing one lead in a district generates key connections to the entire district!

Prototype on its way from China!

Very exciting news - Airfreight has been finalised just today and the Prototype will be put on the next plane from Shenzhen to Sydney. Arrival date estimated to be early next week!

Catalysr 2019 Pre-Accelerator Program Participant

Selected to the Catalysr 2019 Pre-Accelerator Program in July 2019


Successful partnership with Wellbeing Organisation in New York!

Great partnership outcome!

    - They are going to send out information on our program through their PR firm who has contacts with schools across NY in the next few weeks
    - We are going to present our program at a large NYC Wellbeing Event in November
    - We are going to speak at their conference in NY in November re our programs
    - They are going to put us in contact with the New York State Education Department & their other school contacts
Hired our first salesperson!!

Very excited to have signed on our first salesperson! She is based in LA and will help us test the market feasibility with LA private schools.

Finalised shipping, logistics and warehousing

Can now give our customers free, speedy shipping, anywhere in Australia - and on our end, for an affordable price. πŸ˜„We've partnered with the same company that helped Koala Mattresses achieve 4 hour delivery.

Our first post on LinkedIn!

Reached over 750 people πŸ˜„

Potential Connection to 14 more customers!!!

I just met with an organisation working with wellbeing in 14 schools across 8 US States, with a view of expanding globally. They want to bring my program into their schools, and are meeting with their funders tomorrow to discuss next steps!

Meeting set with a large schools-based organisation in New York!

I was contacted by a large organisation that is running wellbeing programs across New York State, and they currently do not have a clinical psychology-based mental health program (which is what I have created). Great timing, as I am currently in NYC! I will be meeting with them on Monday morning to discuss potential opportunities for Open Parachute in their networks.

MVP Grant from Job for NSW in June 2019

Minimum Viable Product grant has been approved as a result of our application in June 2019

Winning the Start-up Innovation Prize ($10,000) on 21 August 2019

The Student Innovation Showcase on 21 August 2019 is an expo-style event where finalists will pitch their innovations from individual stalls.

The judges arrived before the public and visited each stall to hear the pitch of each team. After hearing each finalist pitch, the judges deliberated and decided the winner for each category.

It is our pleasure to be announced as the winner in the Start-up Innovation Prize ($10,000).

Top 15 for cohort 24!

Genesis is The University of Sydney’s Premier Startup Competition

Raised first round of funding

We raised approximately AUD40k from close friends, family and one investor we were introduced to. This round was completed late 2017.

Built and shipped MVP

Our MVP was built in 6 months according to the conditions of our MVP grant. We released the software to our budding audience on time and got our first few sales.