1000 face masks donation to local medical centres

AAEC collected a donation of 1000 face masks to the local medical centre. They will be distributed to 13 doctors in the Western Sydney.  The donor is the Construction Bank of China.

New Storybook launched to education and help stop Coronavirus spread

This week I launched a new personalised storybook to educate parents and children on the importance of handwashing and how to do it right. Readers can create the book online and read it for free or pay $20 for a physical personalised copy to be sent to them on our website.


First client

Our first client we signed at the end of last year was LendLease

Launch of HubNet.io

We have created the first dedicated pharmacy and medicine wholesaler quality management system, have a look at hubnet.io.

2k booked revenue win

Sales met with Wodonga-albury council who are interested in working with us on a traffic project; project is worth 2k upfront with possibilities of extending this further pending trial. Should also help our traffic data be more accurate outside of large urban centres

Finalising deal worth 80k

Our head of sales Angus met with ASON group today; a specialist traffic and engineering firm that consult to public and private sectors. Angus is in the final stages of closing this deal that would bring in 80k worth of revenue and help to de-risk us/provide more social proof for our platform

Intern council cold-call

One of our goals this week was to try secure 5 meetings before next tuesday. Our sales intern, Vincent, got his first successful cold call meeting set up with Campbelltown Council! Councils have been notoriously difficult for us to contact and get meetings with so its a really hard-won effort for vince

Website Launch!

Lunico Coaching new Webpage

As a sole trader, launching a website is a daunting yet thrilling first step in announcing your public persona. Please take a moment to have a look and any critiquing welcome! Thanks for your support.

Partnership + integration with Architecture platform!

Had a meeting with a software company that has an online platform to help councils and construction companies make digital twins for new infrastructure. They provide zoning, rental pricing, and 3D modelling to understand impacts on existing buildings - we're going to integrate our API with their platform to display traffic + congestion data AND have them a potential sales channel. They have a lot of relationships with different government organisations and gov themselves so gives us a warm lead into a key market!

WeWork Community

Working with multiple WeWork locations to deliver sales workshops founders.

Federal Government Clients

We now have several Federal Government agencies using GradSift. Word-of-mouth referral has been a key driver.

Launched Website!

The Open website is now officially live at https://beopen.com/

Our social pages are also up at: Facebook - https://facebook.com/beopn Twitter - https://twitter.com/beopen_ Linkedin - https://linkedin.com/company/be-open Medium - https://medium.com/beopen

Tradewinds Partner Scores $100K+ SaaS deal

In December, 2019, one of our partners; a Contact Centre consultant brokered a relationship with a large municipal council in New Zealand with one of our Supplier partners, Nice inContact.

This win by Nice inContact has resulted in over $1million recurring revenues for the supplier and significant, monthly commissions for the Consultant.

The beauty of the win is that our partner will receive monthly commissions for as long as the end customer uses the service. It is an evergreen contract for the partner.

Austrade Export Market Development Grants (EMDG)

The 2018–19 Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) scheme by the Australian Government is a financial assistance program that attracted 4019 applications from Australian businesses, the highest number of applicants in nearly a decade.

Sofiri is one of a growing number of startups that have applied for the Government’s Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) to continue marketing our innovative platform and its different uses.

My pre-crowdfunding campaign

Starting a pre-crowdfunding campaign to raise fund and validate out idea.

Crossed 500 app downloads and 4,500 monthly pageviews ✅

We hit this mark in October 2019. Looking to continue our upward trajectory. Haven't tried our beautiful iOS app? Download it here - https://apps.apple.com/bt/app/sublimely-media/id1467326760

Making money is definitely a win! Looking to dip your toes on your dream vacation? Head over to www.gecko.rent

I know this isn't a win but I know Startmate read these so thought they might appreciate my hustle

Formal incorporation of Stylace

Stylace Pty Ltd was incorporated on 22nd July 2019

2nd Place at Techstars Hardware Weekend Hackathon + 2 x StartCon tickets for transfer

Thanks to the new team in QLD that helped over the 54-hour hackathon!

I have now 2 x StartCon general admission tickets for sale at cost price.

$110 per ticket, let me know if anyone wants them.

Archium launches first service

Archium's First Service Is Now Available

Most tech teams running a distributed software system wish they had more complete and up-to-date diagrams of their architecture. Archium can now give you a deeper understanding of your architecture than you've ever had, and at a fraction of the cost of asking your staff to draw pictures in your wiki.

Find out more at archium.io

Round table session with tech investors

We hosted a round-table session with Chinese tech investors, Shuimu Venture Capital on 27th of September, 2019

Nanjing Tech Week 2019

We organised 10 projects (came from 5 universities) to attend the Nanjing Tech Week in June 2019.

Areti Goddess Events Pty Ltd Launch

On May 4, 2018 I launched my first Company, age 52, to Empower and help Change Statistics. It has been as challenging as it has rewarding. Launched with Private seed funding, in Bootstrapping stage. It is an umbrella for Collaboration, offers an Affiliate Program and Invites Experts.

On the Channel 10 News


"The system works by teaching a machine to analyse historical traffic data and then learn how to identify when a car is causing a problem."

First Few Customers!

We are officially up and running! A few exciting property assessments have come through over the last month, but there's definitely room for more. Heads down, thumbs up!

We're getting Automated!

Working with talented software designers to automate parts of our service has been the most incredible experience. Be a part of a new kind of architecture!

Sale to South African School!! (who is part of a global international schools network)

We are starting to work out our trip to Swaziland in January to work with the schools we have on board there, and we just made a sale to a neighbouring South African school! I had been in discussions with them for a while, and the call I just had was really exciting and positive. The aim is to use their school as a pilot in Jan to show the rest of the schools in their network the value, with a view to rolling it out across all of them! They're called UWC and they have schools in Singapore, Japan, Canada, the US, Brazil, China, and across Europe. The Head of school that I spoke to is also on the Mental Health Task Force for the whole UWC network, and he is going to champion this. They are also keen to do a big research study across all of their schools in conjunction with this, and include the teacher wellbeing training as well as the student curriculum. Basically similar to the plan for UAE :) Early 2020 is going to be massive!!! :)

This brings up the next people we need on board - researchers! I'm contemplating if we can get some PhD students on board!?

Partnership with UAE company with a government contract working with schools!!!

I just got off a call with a company from the UAE who has a contract from the government to help schools meet legislative requirements in many key areas, one of which is mental health. They are fully on board with our program approach (both the student curriculum and the teacher program!) and we are scheduling a pilot in early 2020 with the view to bringing both the teacher and student programs into all their schools!!! Another Linkedin connection!!!! :):)

Top stockbrokers Bell Potter, Ord Minnett, OpenMarkets and SelfWealth support Mafematica

These stockbrokers understand the value of the Mafematica offering and are talking to Mafematica about an IPO round of funding / and/ or providing themselves as a lead member of the panel of brokers that we intend to develop.

BGL agreed to Partner Mafematica

BGL has 60% of the accounting serviices market in the Austrlian SMSF market and has international outlets in Asia and the UK. It is expanding its services to include accounting systems for non superannuation business.

BGL is a leading user of AI in accounting software, and provides, for a company like Mafematica and this will allow Mafematica to provide a true 'straight-though-processing' regime that the industry has talked about for so long but has not delivered.


Vinovata is an Australian wine platform in Japanese, providing Australian wineries with a channel to better connect and communicate their stories to customers in Japan and driving the number of cellar door visits by Japanese living in or visiting Australia (PR, Tourists, etc). Stage 1 MVP has been very successful with 40+ wineries sign-ups.

Gecko has launched 🚀

On 9 September we officially launched our startup to the world and we're so proud to announce that we enable people to cash in on clutter in houses around Sydney. This can be done through renting out items on our platform.

Passed the first round of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition for Overseas Talents 2019: Hangzhou

Competition Awards and Supportive Measures including • Competition Awards: The first prize is around AUD $70K • Venture Capital • Connection to all special support units, local venture capital agencies, well-known enterprises • Overseas Mentors: Experts who have great influence in venture capital field are invited to be overseas mentors.

MVP grants are open again!

Good news! We’re accepting applications for MVP grants again! Successful recipients can receive up to $25k of approved project costs. Find out more about the MVP grant at https://www.jobsfornsw.com.au/our-products/minimum-viable-product

Formal invited to Tender our Phone booths for one of the biggest co-working spaces in Australia

Thanks to a Genesis Mentor we've been put in contact with the owner of a large co-working space across Australia! He is currently looking for an exact solution like our phone booths, and he invited us to tender to for a fit out of all his offices across Australia.

New feature in development from user insights!

Thanks to our user/customer interviews we've been able to start work on a new feature that we're excited to test with our user base. It targets specific feedback on where we can improve the user experience and has been flagged in almost every user interview we've done.

University Customer!!!

I just had a fantastic call with the MBA Program Convenor at the University of Newcastle (he reached out to me via Linkedin). They are going to fly me up there early next year to deliver a guest lecture to their MBA students and run an initial pilot of Open Parachute through their Leadership Program (as well as deliver a talk to the Hunter Young Professionals Network). This will be a great opportunity to check out the University market to develop more programs for that age group. He thinks there is great potential for work with Uni's worldwide, so we're keen to test it out!

Secured first Canadian hire!

We found the perfect person to hire in Canada for sales and program management. She is a teacher wanting to do something bigger, and we have spent the last month vetting her - she passed with flying colours! She is essentially going to create herself a job - she's going to spend the next few months looking for leads, while we focus on honing in on our marketing strategy with our salesperson in LA, and then as soon as we are satisfied with these two variables we will start her full force.