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There are a million reasons why including a diverse group of people in your tech startup from day one is a good idea - it makes good economic sense, is proven to lead to innovation, helps you avoid dangerous 'group think' that can kill your business etc.

But the most important reason is because it’s the right thing to do as a human being. Even the biggest tech companies in the world are collections of humans – and when one group is excluded, we are worse for it as a community.

And yes, we were not immune to unconscious bias ourselves in the early days of TechSydney (despite having a founding group that was 45% female), and we were rightly criticised for it. Since that time, we have done a lot of learning about how we can change our ways. We hope that having been there ourselves, you can learn from us.

A lack of diversity – gender, race and socio-economic background – is a structural problem in our industry (think that’s not the case? Take this test) and it needs to be addressed. The good news is: it can be.

Below are a series of resources we hope will be helpful to you in setting up your own diverse organisation. If you’ve implemented something that worked, share it with us and we’ll add it to the page!

Understanding the problem

Terrific articles from Atlassian’s Aubrey Blanche on the barriers to gender diversity across the pipeline: and why diversity needs to mean more than just hiring a few white women

In failing to hire a diverse range of people, you’re accruing a ‘diversity debt’. Andrea Barrica from 500startups explains why.

Fixing the problem

Here’s one for the accelerators and incubators too. In 2016, Startmate saw a 70% increase in applications from gender-diverse companies, Blackbird Ventures’ Samantha Wong explains how they did it

Here's how Envato are creating a more inclusive workplace through flexible working and tracking their diversity data.

ThoughtWorks won the 2016 Grace Hopper Award for Top Technology Company for Women Technologists. Here’s how they did it.

Why technical interviewing is bad for diversity and what you can do about it.

One for the VC’s: Kapor Capital has made all 56 current portfolio companies take a pledge to support diversity and inclusion

...And one for tech educators: How to engage female engineers by using project-based experiential learning

Great Resources (for startups and VC’s)
  • - Sign up to Project Include and get a heap of actionable diversity and inclusion solutions for tech companies.
  • - Google’s re:work resource provides useful tools to help train yourself out of unconscious bias
  • - TripleByte is a new kind of interview process that evaluates tech skills, not credentials
  • - Hire More Women In Tech is a terrific advice resource that offers actionable advice on how to attract and hire diverse talent for your organisation.
  • - Visit the Workplace Gender Equality Agency's page of resources for implementing pay equity and flexible working in small businesses
TechSydney loves

If you or your organisation are making a difference, tell us about it and we’ll add you to the high-five list.