Founder Forums

TechSydney believes that for Sydney businesses to compete on a global stage we need to work together, not against each other.

In 2017, TechSydney launched Founder Forums that provided over 40 companies in Sydney’s tech ecosystem with a closed-group environment where they could share skills, knowledge and the ups-and-downs of being a founder in the tech industry. The forums encompass the full range of start-ups in our ecosystem, from some of our biggest tech stars through to pre-revenue start-ups. Founders are allocated into groups with companies at an equivalent stage of development so they can share and learn from peers.

This year we are doubling down on our focus to help founders accelerate their learning by opening the forums to new applications. Full members receive immediate access to the forums and Associate members will be allocated a position if space allows.

Women in Venture

At TechSydney, we’re all for an inclusive and equitable ecosystem, which is why we’re teaming up with some of the city’s leading universities and Venture Capital firms to launch the program, Women in Venture.

In the United States last year, only 7.4% of investors on AngelList were women. That’s not good enough. TechSydney wants to see an equitable local industry and we want to address the problem early: on campus.

In this new program we will work with selected female students to run them through the basics of venture capital – how to assess and value businesses and how to build an investment case. Students will have the opportunity to work with mentors from industry to learn the skills they will need to help enter the industry.

Want to help? Great. We’re always looking for industry role models to come and support the development of tech in Sydney. Contact us to help or to find out more.

Applications for the forums are open. To register your interest or get more information, please contact us on

Women in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity attacks are getting worryingly familiar, leading to an uptick in demand from companies and governments to ensure the stability of their digital infrastructure. The result? A worldwide shortage of 1.8m cybersecurity experts is forecast by 2022, which will place additional pressure on Australia’s own ability to protect its digital environs.

To make things worse, women continue to be heavily underrepresented in the industry, constituting only 10% of employees, according to the Australian federal government. That means we’re missing out on a big part of the addressable talent pool!

Women in Cybersecurity aims to address not just the inequity of female representation in the industry, but the wider problem of developing sufficient cybersecurity capability to support Australia’s national and commercial security.

We’re going on campus (again) to help introduce female students to the basics of Cybersecurity. Working in collaboration with cybersecurity experts, we’ve developed a program that we hope will address some of the imbalance in the industry.

This is where you (the industry) come in. Come and be part of the solution. We will be visiting campuses throughout the year, so if your company has a cybersecurity pro, let us know!


Sydney officially welcomed the Startup Hub, a Jobs for NSW initiative, on 14 February 2018. It has been a great success and we welcome this important addition to the local ecosystem.

TechSydney now wants the government and the tech community to build upon this success. We have been working behind the scenes since August 2017 to convince the NSW Government to redevelop Central Station into an innovation precinct. and is already looking ahead past the hub’s five-year lease, a time frame in which many of our fledgling startup brands will have reached scale-up stage.

We aim to build a successful tech precinct, code-named “TechCentral”, with the support of the industry. Integral to this proposal is accommodating all industry players, from pre-revenue startups to tech giants. This ensures the proper functioning of the shared-learning infrastructure and creates additional opportunities for companies at both ends of the food chain.

On the government level, we will champion industry-led advocacy for the development of a Sydney technology precinct with the NSW Government, the City of Sydney and key stakeholders.

General Advocacy

TechSydney undertakes extensive behind-the-scenes work to advise government on industry developments and to support decision-making on government programs and policy that affect the industry. We played an important role in supporting the development of the Sydney Startup Hub, the campaign to review changes to the 457 Visa rules, and on program and policy decisions within the NSW Government and City of Sydney. Our work representing the industry will continue in 2018. If you have an important issue that needs to be addressed within the industry, please contact us.

TechSydney Sundowners

TechSydney launched Sundowners in February 2018, to give busy startup owners time out to catch up with members of the local tech community and give them the chance to form partnerships well away from the boardrooms and backrooms that tend to dominate our day-to-day work.

The second Thursday night of the month, Sundowners are open drinks for the entire Sydney ecosystem. Everyone is welcome.

The event also shows the groundswell of support for Sydney’s tech community, with Redoak in Clarence Street, Sydney providing the venue and AirTree covering the first 40 drinks.


More than a newsletter, TechXpress is the voice of the tech community. Have news or views to share? Let us know. We are here to promote the developments and successes of our local ecosystem.

It’s also your chance to feature your events for the community, with a Community Events & Opportunities – a weekly wrap of upcoming events – as well as opinion, news, opportunities and jobs.


Just like last year, we have a ton of events aimed at startups, it’s hard to know where to start! At TechSydney, we know the depth of expertise inherent in the industry so we devised TechLeaders to streamline the knowledge, speakers and workshops you need to stay up-to-date with industry changes on every level, from legislation to leasing.

The events program, curated by TechSydney with input from our industry partners throughout Australia and the world, features international and domestic industry leaders, across a wide variety of knowledge-sharing topics.

Most importantly, as a not-for-profit body, TechSydney ensures the prices are affordable for its members.