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Matthew Dell๐Ÿ… 910

Co-funder at ENROL AI

Sydney, Australia
Founder of Enrol AI
Mohd Alkhalili๐Ÿ… 900

Founder at Wingo Technologies.

Sydney, Australia
I believe that the ridesharing app is meant to work for drivers and that drivers shouldnโ€™t be working for the app. Thatโ€™s why we created a system that works better for both riders and drivers.
Benjamin Seeto๐Ÿ… 900

Software developer

Sydney, Australia
Hello! I am the founder an early stage no-code tool for building data driven applications and APIs in the cloud.
Feel free to reach out, as we can help build your custom system - without code!

Mandar Karlekar๐Ÿ… 900

Founder of Product Rocket - A Product Management & UX Design Consultancy

Sydney, Australia
Hi, I'm Mandar - Product enthusiast and Founder of Product Rocket - A Digital Product Management and Product Design consultancy.
I am a Consultant, Trainer and Advisor for startups and enterprise clients, across a range of industries.
Alex Kerr๐Ÿ… 900

Forensic Accountant

Sydney, Australia
Hi i'm Alex and i have a start-up idea that I want to action. Edu-tech based. I am looking to find like-minded people and a potential partner that has skills in the technology/computing based industry. Feel free to get in touch!
Nikhil Datta๐Ÿ… 900

Founder at ManagedAnalytics, Managing Partner at DBA

Sydney, Australia
Founder and Managing Partner at management consulting firm DB & Associates. Developed the Dynamic Constraints Modelling software that sits at the heart of, our productivity enhancement platform for the mining industry.
Nick Vesic๐Ÿ… 900

One time software engineer now lawyer - looking to start something big.

Sydney, Australia
Worked in tech for several years before making my way into law.
Extensive experience in corporate and comemrcial law.
Looking to partner with folks having complementary skill sets - and buildi something big.
Eleanor Meireles๐Ÿ… 900

Director at Dwell Nicely

Sydney, Australia
Bootstrapped SaaS founder working on disrupting the rental market. previously owned & operated restaurants in Sydney and 15yrs experience as a financial analyst. love to share knowledge and help others set up businesss doing what they love
Andrew Akib๐Ÿ… 900

Co-founder, Product & Strategy Lead @

Sydney, Australia
We make it easy for people with paralysis to manage their care and rehab teams.

Maslow is a mobile platform for people with paralysis. Maslow helps users access rehab content, manage carers, and remotely communicate with their care & rehab team.
David Warwick๐Ÿ… 900

Co-Founder at SHFT

Sydney, Australia
Founder and CEO at Komodo CMS, business strategist and advisor, MBA from Melbourne Business School, experienced corporate strategist, digital marketer, speaker and advisor and co-founder of SHFT HR Tech platform.
Mark Rosenberg๐Ÿ… 900

Founder and COO at Lasertrade

Melbourne, Australia
Founder of Lasertrade and COO. Strong tech background and loves innovation, previously worked with corporates on Technical Strategy and oeprational improvements.
Robert Morton๐Ÿ… 900

Founder of Kitshare

Sydney, Australia
Launching a marketplace in Feb 2021 for Film and TV freelancers. Work as a Director of Photography / Cinematographer. Looking to connect with mentors and other founders.
Dan Siepen๐Ÿ… 900

Growth Marketer | Head of Growth & Marketing @ Wellshare

Sydney, Australia
My name is Dan Siepen and I'm an experienced Growth Marketer in Sydney. I'm Head of Growth & Marketing @ Wellshare and advise numerous startup companies on growth marketing.
Anthony Murphy๐Ÿ… 900

3D Design Solutions

Grays Point, Australia
Mechanical Engineer with 30 years experience working for others, now developing a new and exciting idea which could change the way we travel.
Philip Charles๐Ÿ… 900

startup founder

Sydney, Australia
My startup founderflix humanises pitch decks to introduce angel investors to founders pitching premium opportunities through the storytelling power of video
Kevin Jogin๐Ÿ… 900

Founder, product developer and project executor @Applied Project ยฎ

Liverpool, Australia
Applied Project ยฎ Founder working on product development. Experienced in research and development projects from SPM's to construction hardwares. Get in touch with design ideas and I can help in developing it to manufacturable project.
Prince Bibin Jose๐Ÿ… 900

Creating Zero Emission Technology (Zengurus)

Sydney, Australia
I am looking forword to using technolodgy to creat Zero Emission Product & Services with Zengurus*.
Tarek Zaaiter๐Ÿ… 900

Technical Manager

Sydney, AU
Hi, I'm Tarek, a Technical Manager with expertise in Business Planning & Project Management. I'm here to meet like-minded people, especially in the Tourism & Travel industry. Looking for Mentors, and Co-founders. Feel free to get in touch!
Michael Arnott๐Ÿ… 900

Founder of OEM.Digital, Advanced Automotive Electronics

Sydney, Australia
Founder of Australian Telecommunications carrier #138, Inventor of the Hand Held Dyno, predicted to be the world's No 1 selling Automotive aftermarket accessory and GM Holden's Car Dealer.
Scott Waddell๐Ÿ… 900

Founder @

Sydney, Australia
Bootstrapped founder working on Former Management Consultant with IBM & Accenture.
Anoop George๐Ÿ… 900

Making things happen

Global sales and business leader, and executive coach with expertise in incubating and scaling organisations and employees to attain record-breaking business growth.
Sara Neves๐Ÿ… 900

Founder & CEO of OutLoud

Sydney, Australia
Hi, I'm Sara, multi-lingual Founder and CEO of OutLoud. I'm here to grow my startup and am looking for Co-founders. Feel free to reach out!
Nikki Shah๐Ÿ… 900

Founder and Director of MyMuse

Sydney, Australia
Nikki founded MyMuse at the end of 2018 after losing her partner to cancer. A former recruitment manager and sports physiotherapist.
Tess Jaffer๐Ÿ… 900

Founder at Impacted - a health tech startup

Sydney, Australia
Tess founded Impacted at the end of 2019 after being diagnosed with stage IV kidney disease, with an aim to simplify health management with cloud-based software solutions.
Peter Karuso๐Ÿ… 900

CEO at Hyperdrive Science

Sydney, Australia
Hi, I'm Peter, a current founder. I'm here to grow my startup and am looking for Co-founders, and Funding. Feel free to get in touch!
Thomas Legowo๐Ÿ… 900

Founder at Droolie

Sydney, Australia
Hi, I'm Thomas, currently developing my product with expertise in Tech and Architecture. I'm learning the ropes on marketing and analytics and always keen for more contact and connection so we can help each other out. Don't hesitate to contact me!
Chris Stockley๐Ÿ… 900

Founder and CEO,CTO at New Craze Technologies

Sydney, Australia
is an Australian entrepreneur, a creative soul with a passion for photography and travel with a business focus in technology, innovation in digital, cloud, and cyber he has a curiosity about tech, environment, sustainability topics, events.
Samuel Kang๐Ÿ… 900

CEO at Buddyjacket building peer to peer car insurance that can save up to 40%

Sydney, Australia
Hi, I'm Samuel, a current founder at Buddyjacket building peer to peer car insurance that can save up to 40% of insurance cost. Currently seeking advisors, mentors and funding. Feel free to get in touch!
Karen Kirton๐Ÿ… 900

Outsourced HR | Partner, Adviser, Coach | HR Consulting

Sydney, Australia
Hi, nice to meet you! I'm Karen Kirton, the founder of Amplify HR which is a consulting business that specialises in helping small-medium sized business to find, grow and keep great employees.
Segun Omisakin๐Ÿ… 900

Co-founder and Evangelist at Devfund

Sydney, Australia
Hi, I'm Segun, a current founder with expertise in Business, Marketing, and Product. I'm here to grow my startup and am looking for Co-founders, Funding, Jobs / internships, Mentoring others, Mentors, Networking, Partnership opportunities, Programs / accelerators, and Speaking opportunities. Feel free to get in touch!
Nathalie Rafeh๐Ÿ… 900

Building the most intuitive AI fashion discovery experience.

Sydney, Australia
Hi, I'm Nathalie, a former founder with expertise in Business, and Product. I'm here to join the community. Feel free to get in touch!
Shaun Symm๐Ÿ… 900

Managing Director @ Launch Lab, a startup development company

Sydney, Australia
Hi, I'm the MD of Launch Lab ( We develop startups in Australia for non-technical founders.
Aaron Artery๐Ÿ… 900

CEO Customer Crunch

Sydney, Australia
Hi, I'm Aaron, a current founder with expertise in Business, Marketing, and Tech. I'm here to grow my startup and am looking for Events, Funding, Mentors, Networking, Partnership opportunities, Programs / accelerators, and Speaking opportunities. Feel free to get in touch!
Paul Garrity๐Ÿ… 900

CEO at Impulse Screen Media

North Sydney, Australia
Hi, I'm Paul, a current founder with expertise in Business, and Tech. I'm here to grow my startup and am looking for Events, Funding, Networking, and Partnership opportunities. Feel free to get in touch!
Garry Lloyd๐Ÿ… 900

Business Strategy and Commercialisation Specialist

Sydney, Australia
I am a commercialization specialist.

I help create self managing businesses that are everyday, sale and investment ready.
Andrew Lowe๐Ÿ… 900

Co-founder/MD PiCo. Retail Data-as-a-Service

Sydney, Australia
Hi, I'm Andrew, a current founder with expertise in Business, Marketing, and Product. I'm here to grow my startup and am looking for Funding, Partnership opportunities, and Programs / accelerators. Feel free to get in touch!
Caroline Tran๐Ÿ… 900

Co-Founder & CEO at aircrex

Sydney, Australia
๐Ÿš€Multi-passionate human with deep knowledge in business development, commercial finance and all things building and scaling startup.
โšก๏ธcurrently creating awesomeness
Nick Muldoon๐Ÿ… 900

Co-CEO, Easy Agile

Wollongong, Australia
Product Manager with @easyagile & bartender for @siligongvalley. Past Prod Mgr @atlassian & @twittereng, & host @sfagilemarketing.
Albert Mai๐Ÿ… 900

Data informed growth marketer

Sydney, Australia
I have worked at 7 startups in digital and growth marketing across Vietnam, Singapore and Australia in the past 8 years. I have had experience working with Vero (, Tinybeans, GlamCorner, Airtasker, Dolphin Browser, and Ticketboxvn.
Stacy Goh๐Ÿ… 900

Digital Marketing at Outwrite

Sydney, Australia
Hi, I'm Stacy. I'm currently the marketing lead at Outwrite (previously Wildcard and Sneaking Duck). I'm looking for Networking and Partnership opportunities. Feel free to get in touch!
David Soutar๐Ÿ… 900

CEO & Co-founder @wattcost

Sydney, Australia
With over 2 decades of global technical and commercial experience in smart energy, building automation, mobile technologies and consumer products, David is Wattcostโ€™s steady handed leader positioning its game-changing technology for growth.
Tim Laurence๐Ÿ… 900

COO + CFO at Plann

Sydney, Australia
From Corporate Finance to Start-Up "Chief of Everything". Scaling up Plann globally, and locally in Sydney.
Brian Halse๐Ÿ… 840

Founder at beHub Pty Ltd

Sydney, Australia

Shuning Zhao๐Ÿ… 840

Co-founder of CourseHub

Sydney, Australia
Amina raifi๐Ÿ… 820

CV writing services

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Amina Raifi a career consultant and have been working for the last 5 years. She is also a famous motivational speaker in the UAE, she is performing as a managing director of the best cv writing service agency in Dubai, named Perfect CV Maker.
Esmeralda Karlsone๐Ÿ… 820

CEO / Co-founder at Chefly Australia

Sydney, Australia
A co-founder of online marketplace called Chefly Australia.
Alice Luster๐Ÿ… 820

Bag Inserter And Sealing Machine, Palletizer Machine, Supplier Packaging Machine

Los Angeles, United States
We are Providing Bag Inserter And Sealing Machine, Palletizer Machine, Supplier Packaging Machines and Equipment
Brett Williams๐Ÿ… 820

Founder at Aegis 24/7 - safety made simple

Sydney, Australia
Protective security and risk specialist with multiple app and software builds. Pragmatic. Driven. Reach out today for a chat.
Linda Kim๐Ÿ… 820

Social Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of IDEACLIP

Sydney, Australia
I am a social entrepreneur currently developing a 'Social collaboration platform' called IDEACLIP to bring individuals, businesses and charities in one COLLAB Space to create a ripple of 'good work'.
Ian Burgess๐Ÿ… 820

Founder at NIVICUS

Sydney, Australia
First time fonder passionate about implimenting tech in the marine sector. Experienced in strategy and operations with early stage, high growth startups. Former @Knotel @Deliveroo