TechSydney provides a voice for the tech industry on the issues that matter: good government policy and a physical home in Sydney for our industry

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Advocating for the Industry

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Sydney officially welcomed the Startup Hub, a Jobs for NSW initiative, on 14 February 2018. It has been a great success and we welcome this important addition to the local ecosystem.

TechSydney now wants the government and the tech community to build upon this success. We have been working behind the scenes since August 2017 to convince the NSW Government to redevelop Central Station into an innovation precinct. and is already looking ahead past the hub’s five-year lease, a time frame in which many of our fledgling startup brands will have reached scale-up stage.

We aim to build a successful tech precinct, code-named “TechCentral”, with the support of the industry. Integral to this proposal is accommodating all industry players, from pre-revenue startups to tech giants. This ensures the proper functioning of the shared-learning infrastructure and creates additional opportunities for companies at both ends of the food chain.

On the government level, we will champion industry-led advocacy for the development of a Sydney technology precinct with the NSW Government, the City of Sydney and key stakeholders.

General Advocacy

TechSydney undertakes extensive behind-the-scenes work to advise government on industry developments and to support decision-making on government programs and policy that affect the industry. We played an important role in supporting the development of the Sydney Startup Hub, the campaign to review changes to the 457 Visa rules, and on program and policy decisions within the NSW Government and City of Sydney. Our work representing the industry will continue in 2018. If you have an important issue that needs to be addressed within the industry, please contact us.