Langbridge Services
Sydney, Australia
We Bridge the Language gap.
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Langbridge Services is a professional translation and interpreting company based in Sydney, Australia. We bring practical solutions to bridge the communication gap of people speaking different languages. We work with various clients in Australia, China and all over the world providing the best language expertise in English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. At Langbridge, the quality of our language services is our number one concern! Highly positive and responsive, Langbridge is indeed the best translation agency for your needs. Langbridge Services is a language service provider meeting the demands of a less explored area. There are three stories to Langbridge Services. First story: Langbridge Services was born as part of the Practicum course for Interpreting and Translation students. The course convener, Sean Xiang Cheng, found it hard to find genuine experience for the students in the course. I suggested him to set up a Language Agency as my university had one when I was in undergrad and that was how I developed my professional career as a freelancer. After Sean looked into the possibly of it, he said university policies are too complicated and conflict of interest in an issue. In response to that I proposed to officially launch Langbridge as an independent company and we could cooperate. He is very supportive of this idea. His support would mean Langbridge would have a steady pool of translators and interpreters in Chinese, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish and the use of CAT tools (tools used for localisation process and management). Second story: I became a volunteer translator with Translators Without Boarders (now also a project officer) thanks to the Practicum, where I was involved in translating for a cause. Langbridge helped non-profits translate relatively simple task like information sheets to very sophisticated tasks, like the Ophthalmic Operating Theatre Practice (manual for surgeons and medical professionals regarding the operation of a eye-surgery centre). I found translating for a cause extremely rewarding. I hope for Langbridge is that this would continue. Third story: During my first year, I somehow came across the start-up community in Sydney. Seiya Takeda and Daphne Shen, founders of V-KAIWA, were one of the first friends I met in the start-up community, but due to various limitations we did not have the opportunity to cooperate. Currently, Langbridge is working on the localisation of My Day To-Do, an app developed by Bhuman Soni from UNSW School of Computer Science and Engineering. The experience is exciting and eye-opening. We are also discussing marketing plans for the app to the China market. Langbridge will be the connection of these three stories, helping students from the I&T program to gain real life experience, helping Australian charities reach out to a broader community and helping startups reach new markets. The business model will be a non-profit and the revenue would be from donations and any profit made from for-profit projects. Read more on https://langbridgeservice.wixsite.com/langbridgeservices For cooperation contact langbridgeservices@gmail.com




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